5 Reasons Why You Experience Hair loss

Have you ever had a concern with thinning  hair or excessive shedding?

You must have felt really worried about the root cause of the problem and chances are you are reading this article because you want to know more.

Excessive hair loss is a common challenge with ladies across the world. It gives a lot of concern to victims because many have no idea what really causes it. The appearance of a woman is usually rated by her hair and little wonder why a lot of time and money goes into making it as presentable as possible.

Women of all age groups suffer varying amount of hair thinning  at different periods in their life which may lead to serious concern.

When the thinning involves only a few strands weekly it is considered normal but when large chunks fall into the shower after wash day or styling, it becomes a challenge.

In order to find a solution to this nagging problem, I have outlined a few of the culprits below.


We are literally what we eat. You can never be healthier than what you put in your body therefore it is important to avoid crash diets or diet that are not balanced.

For hair to grow, the body must have a balanced proportion of nutrients necessary for growth, repair and development. Consuming plenty of vegetables and water while cutting down on caffeine and alcohol would enable you see results in a short while.

Finally, taking in high protein foods as well as vitamins A, E and B has proven to reduce hair loss.


Hair loss induced by stress is known as “telogen effluvium” and it is another common cause of hair loss. This occurs by keeping the hair in its resting phase for too long resulting in excessive shedding.

Our lifestyle in today’s world is a stressful one where many people find themselves struggling with financial stress, job related stress, marital stress, illnesses and so on. If you deal with the cause of the stress, you may in turn deal with the effects of stress.


Male pattern and female pattern hair loss may be hereditary in men and women from age 30 and above. Although it cannot be completely overcome, it can be controlled.


Many women sacrifice the health of their hair for temporary gratification. Tight braids, frequent rigorous combing, blow drying and the use of harsh chemicals weaken the hair strands and lead to hair loss.

Sometimes the hair might recover after a while and many other times, it doesn’t recover. This is the major cause of receding hairlines in women.


Hormones act as system maintenance agents in the body without which the production of male and female gametes would be impossible.

They are responsible for triggering the development of male and female secondary sexual characteristics like growing beards, narrowing hips etc. The hormone responsible for dying out of hair cells is ‘dihydrotestosterone’ DHT.

It is present in both male and females but much more in males then females. It is worthy to note however that hair loss is only one of the effects of DHT in the body.

When the underlying factors causing hair loss are checked, the hair would likely be restored to its flourishing state once again. Furthermore, in order to track your progress it is helpful to keep record of your hair journey.

If your goal is to grow longer hair, pictures can help track volume and density effectively. Regular massages will help bald spots receive adequate supply of blood and nutrients which could spark up new cell formation.

In summary, some major triggers of hair loss are poor diet, stress, heredity, hormonal imbalance and wrong hair practices. An adjustment in any of these areas would help us see considerable growth in the problem areas on our head.

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