Why You Should Use Chebe for Hair Growth

Chebe is a mixture of herbs used by Sudan and Chadian women for many centuries to boost their hair performance and increase hair growth.

Chebe Powder

Sudan and Chadian women are famous for their long 4C hair which sometimes reaches their thighs making them women with the longest hair in Africa.

According to Dodji a Chadian Trichiologist, Chebe or Shebe is gotten from croton gratissimus a plant found mostly in Africa.


  1. It prevents female pattern hair loss (FTP)
  2. It prevent the growth of fungus in scalp
  3. It helps to retain moisture which is key to hair growth

There is a common misconception that African hair cannot grow as much as the less coily types like those of the Indians and Asians but the Sudan women stand out gallantly to contradict those statements.

The realization of this made people delve into their hair care habits and products. The results found are shocking indeed.


Firstly, you must understand that under normal circumstances when you are hale and hearty, your hair does not stop growing. The reason why your hair keeps shedding lies in your hair care and maintenance strategy which determines how much hair you retain on your head at the end of the day.

Secondly, heredity is another factor in determining hair length and density. This factor is one that you cannot alter because it lies deep within you but we can consciously control it by being more careful with our hair so as not to continue in that trend.

If you have a family with diabetes history, you should begin to avoid lifestyle practices that would increase your chances of getting the dreaded disease. The same applies to hair as we would soon see.

Your hair is like every other part of your body which needs regular conscious care and the difference between well managed hair and others is very visible.

Sudanese and Chadian women have an excellent practice with regards their hair. They usually weave their hair into 3 or 4 parts leaving it like that until the next time they want to apply their Chebe mix.

Chadian Girl

Chadian women do not wear intricate and complicated styles neither do they apply chemical based products that alter the hair features. They KEEP IT SIMPLE and it pays.


Chebe is a brown gritty mixture used along side Karkar oil for best results.

Legit says the herbal mix contains the following

Lavendar croton, Mahalaba (Cherry Kernels), Misik, Humra perfume and Cloves.

It has a spicy aroma which is quite noticeable when freshly applied to the hair. Karkar oil is a dark brown oil which is light in weight. It does not weigh down the hair in anyway.

Some sources say olive oil in which Chebe has been infused can be used in place of Karkar oil.


To apply chebe for best result, mix with Karkar in a clean bowl in about equal proportions and mix till you achieve a good consistency depending on the length and volume of your hair. Four to five teaspoons of each should be averagely enough.

Step 1: Part your freshly washed hair into 4 or 6 portions while it is damp but not soaking wet.

Step 2: Generously apply the mix till you coat the entire length of your hair. Notice I said length of hair and not SCALP!! Chebe is said to irritate the scalp and so should NOT be applied there directly. Go round each section till the entire head is covered completely.

Step 3: Cover your hair with a shower cap of polythene bag for at least 3 hours. It could even be kept in for days if you don’t mind the aroma.

Step 4: Rinse with water afterwards so that you can enjoy the benefits of Chebe without the aroma.

Confidently, I can tell you that you will have testimonies within three weeks of use and the difference would be noticed by all. The amount of shedding you experience will be greatly reduced and as a result, your hair would grow very fast.

Another helpful way Chebe can be used (I like this ) is to add it to your deep conditioning treatment. I explained what a deep conditioning treatment is here.

Mix a few table spoons of chebe into your deep condioning mask and let it sit in for some hours preferably overnight. Rinse it out and style your hair as desired.


Chebe works in a simple way and it is very easy to use. It strengthens your strands, softens your hair, removes tangles and in turn makes you retain length.

Obviously, the reason the Chadian women are able to retain so much hair is because they carry out minimum manipulation which may cause breakage.

The only time they loosen their weaves is when they want to apply chebe mix to it again. Immediately they are done, they re braid it and return to their normal lifestyle.

Long 4C hair

If you desire to see length retention on your hair fast, it would be helpful if you leave the hair alone. By leaving alone, I mean reduce or stop doing things that would cause your hair to break or shed excessively.


Due to the rising popularity of Chebe for hair growth, many fake mixtures are labelled as Chebe in the market thereby making innocent women fall prey. It is worthy of note that these adulterated mixes cause severe itching, breakage and damage to the hair and should be avoided.

Interestingly, some fake Chebe are yellow in colour rather than earthy brown, while some are brown but contain incomplete ingredients and are therefore ineffective.

The best Chebe is gotten from Chad and if you must buy from a non citizen make sure it is authentic because you deserve real value for your money. Don’t purchase products online if you can’t verify its authenticity.

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