Essential oils for hair growth

Some of the staple products every natural who wants to grow her hair healthy and fast in no time should have are known as essential oils. They have been in existence long ago when they were used for their therapeutic benefits in the East but in recent years studies have shown that they are very beneficial for natural hair.

The following are the most common essential oils and their specific properties and benefits.

Peppermint oil :

This special oil gives a chilly feeling when it comes in contact with the skin or scalp. It is helpful in stimulating blood circulation when massaged into an area and this aids faster hair growth.

Tea tree oil

This oil is very good for naturals who experience itchiness on their scalp. By simply applying a few drops to the palm and massaging the scalp for a few minutes, the itch is taken care of. You can also put a few drops of this wonder oil in your spray bottle with some coconut oil and leave in conditioner to spritz your scalp every once in awhile.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is great for increasing hair growth and thickness. It was found to perform as good as minoxidil a treatment for hairloss when used for hair with reduced side effects. It can also be mixed with some coconut oil or olive oil and applied on the scalp for massaging.

Lavender oil

This oil according to research, sped up hair growth in mice. It has antibacterial properties which could improve the health of the scalp. To use it, mix a few drops in olive oil or coconut oil and use as you oil mix for maximum benefits.

Cedarwood oil

For hair issues like dandruff and alopecia areata, Cedarwood oil is wonderful. When mixed with Rosemary and lavender oil it combats hair loss. It also has antibacterial properties just as it balances oil production in the scalp.

Other equally beneficial essential oils include :

  1. Lemongrass oil
  2. Thyme oil
  3. Orange oil
  4. Ylang-ylang oil etc all of which are helpful for hair regrowth, retention and health.

Have you ever used an essential oil? Which one did you try and how did your hair respond? Tell us in the comments.

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