Your hair is your CROWN and you should gracefully carry it as such. A Princess will never step out in rags and expect to be treated with honor and reverence. She is marked in the crowd because her elegance speaks for itself. Her smile charms the heart of anyone and she’s got more than beauty to offer.
Have you ever felt like you don’t know your hair? Like it belongs to a stranger and it doesn’t want to stay with you no matter how you tried?
Have you spent time and money to achieve your dream hair length, volume, or density with little or no result? It is definitely an annoying and frustrating to say the least and nobody deserves that torture.
She is Smart, Sweet, Stylish and Super Confident.
That woman is You! Yes you.
We at Princesslizz would show you how to find your beautiful crown. How to make your crown sparkle and do the talking while you simply take the credit. You will no longer feel like a dethroned Queen hiding under another identity. You will come out of hiding and prove beyond reasonable doubt that you can take your place at the table of life.
Your hair is more then a crown, it is your glory. The symbol of dominion resting upon your head. Imagine yourself being so confident that without artificial enhancements, you can climb the stage and wow the audience. I am sure this is exactly why you are on this blog reading every bit of the articles. I promise to make the journey worthwhile everyday as I post content that would be beneficial to you no matter your hair type.
Many more fabulous stuff are being prepared so sit back and enjoy the ride.
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